Our history

On 21 December 2016, Meggitt Target Systems was acquired by QinetiQ Group plc and is now known as QinetiQ Target Systems.

Meggitt has combined two businesses into one world-leading business providing targets for military training and weapon systems development.

Meggitt Defence Systems UK and Meggitt Training Systems Canada have joined forces to offer the best of the best targets and training services to armed forces around the globe.

Both companies were existing leaders in target manufacture and service provision with a combined experience far exceeding 40 years. The combination of products now available from Meggitt Targets Systems exceeds that of any other target company.


Meggitt Training Systems Canada

In the early 1980s, Canada’s Department of National Defence asked the Systems Integration Group at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Suffield to design and produce a new generation of air, sea and land targets for the LLAD, CPF and TRUMP programmes. Working with Canadian industry, DRDC pioneered a family of live-fire targets recognized around the world as the best training products in their class.    

DRDC’s Systems Integration Group products were later spun off in 1983 to Boeing, and subsequently acquired by Rolls-Royce and Schreiner. Thriving under Meggitt ownership since 2004, we remain equally proud of our distinguished DRDC R & D heritage.


Meggitt Defence Systems Ltd UK

Our facility in Ashford, UK, is a centre of excellence for design and production of unmanned air, land and sea systems and supporting equipment.  We have been providing aerial target systems and unmanned vehicles to more than 40 countries since 1982, and have a wealth of experience in this field.  More than 7,000 Banshee aerial targets have been produced to date and volume production continues today—often producing 40 targets per month.  This gives us the ability to meet normal production demands and be prepared for urgent or unscheduled requirements. MTS UK is a UK Ministry of Defence-approved design organization, certified to design and certify unmanned air vehicles under the Design Approval Organisation Scheme (DAOS).