MOD Dismounted Close Combat Trainer

September 07, 2012

MOD Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (D.C.C.T.) Future Integrated Soldier Technology (F.I.S.T.) Project Moves Forward With 2 Successful Events

September has been a busy month for the Virtual Training Systems teams, with the DCCT FIST Phase 2 On-Site Acceptance Test (OSAT) being carried out at the UK MoD Infantry Battle School, Brecon, and the FIST Phase 3 Critical Design Review (CDR) being declared a success by UK MoD on the 27th September. The completion of these events allows the Phase 2 simulated devices to start being fielded in October 2012 and the Phase 3 Sighting and Target Acquisition devices to progress towards the Factory Acceptance Test in 2013.

Total value for these 2 milestone events is more than £0.5m sterling.

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