DARDO 2014 Spanish Air Force

November 25, 2014

After being awarded the contract to supply aerial targets services to the Spanish Air Force in October MDSL is pleased to report the successful completion of this service. The campaign was completed in 3 ½ operational days and comprised of 42 flights using both Jet and Whirlwind Banshee targets, 95% of launches completed from the MDSL high performance Hercules launcher with the remaining launches using the MDSL KEC bungee launcher.  The 42 flights conducted by MDSL enabled the user to practice over 100 mission engagements with Eurofighter Typhoon and F18 Hornet aircraft types. A mixture of payloads including the MDSL Ejectable flare system were utilised to increase mission capability and allow for multiple missile engagement at a single aerial target. This is the third campaign of this nature that MDSL has completed for the Spanish Air Force in the last 4 years.

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