AMS ENSHU Celebrates Its' 10th Anniversary

April 13, 2018

The AMS-4305 (Auxiliary Multi-Purpose Support) ENSHU celebrated its' 10th Anniversary on February 20th, 2018.

ENSHU is the fifth and the last HIUCHI-class support ship which is equivalent to an ocean tugboat.

The ship's main duties are to tow disabled vessels and support various training.

All five vessels of the HIUCHI-class were named afer Japanese open seas.

ENSHU was built by Japan Marine United (formerly known as Universal Shipbuilding Corporation), laid down on December 19th 2006, launched on August 9th 2007, commissioned on February 20th 2008, and transferred to the Yokosuka District.

ENSHU has been operated without major issues for the last 10 years, the total operation miles has reached to 82700 miles which is approximately four times of the Earth circumference. 

In June 2009, ENSHU towed the DDG-168 TACHIKAZE (TACHIKAZE-class destroyer) near Hachij┼Ź-jima where the ship was disposed as a target ship for a live-fire exercise. 

In April to July 2011, ENSHU was deployed on the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster relief mission.

In April 2017, ENSHU was transferred under the Yokosuka Area Guard Group due to reorganization of the Yokosuka District.

In June 2017, ENSHU joined the ship crew search for the USS FITZGERALD collision.

ENSHU has also engaged in various type of training support including vessel/water flying boat towing training, a live-fire training with unmanned surface target vehicles (a.k.a. BARRACUDA) and a towed surface target, next generation XSSM testing, JGSDF training and more.

Many former ENSHU crews participated the ceremony that was held on January 19th 2018 and got excited over talking about the old days.  The ENSHU captain and crews showed respect to former crews for hard working and built tradition and renewed their commitment to devoting their mission to not disgrace the name of ENSHU.

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