QinetiQ Target Systems Ranked #10 by CDR for Canada's Top 75 Defence Companies

May 23, 2018

QinetiQ Canada has been a stalwart in our Top 10 going back to the days when it operated under the Meggitt banner but the Medicine Hat, Alberta based company continues to be a leader in its field of target drones and based on its on-going relationship with Canada's military it checks in, together with MDA Canada, at the# 10 position.

According to Robert Aube, who took on the managing director role last fall, QinetiQ has gained considerable momentum following its recent acquisition by its eponymous UK parent, with which it shares engineering and business development expertise. Since then, the Alberta-based division has boosted staff to nearly 100, broadened its product range and continued to innovate with new and improved technology.

However, QinetiQ's primary focus remains domestic. "We have a long-standing relationship with the Canadian forces and the country's research arms," says Aube. "That includes offerings ranging from support on the Canadian Targets Program, to special mission unmanned systems, live-fire training exercises and much more."

QinetiQ has also enjoyed considerable success on the export front, with 60% of its revenues coming from outside the country, in large part due to the popularity of its target drones like Hammerhead, Banshee, Mosquito and others. Aube explained, "We won contracts in South Korea and the Middle East and are doing ongoing work in Japan and have a major new opportunity in the US. But, we are knocking on doors all of the time and hope to build on that base."

The company's managed services targeting offerings, which it supplies in conjunction with its UK parent to over a dozen countries, have been very successful. QinetiQ is also a big believer in research and development and invests considerable resources into the process. The company recently initiated a collaboration with NSERC that enabled it to partner with universities across the country, a process that Aube hopes to continue.

New initiatives for this company could include development of hypersonic aerial targeting products and work to exploit new unmanned surface vehicles technologies.



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