Jet 80 Banshee

 Jet 80 Banshee

Based on the successful propeller Banshee airframe and CASPA Avionics, its 80 kg thrust twin jet engine version can fly up to 350 knots. The Jet80+ Banshee - released in 2018 - is powered by 45kg thrust engines and offers customers the ability to reach speed of 390 knots (200m/s).

When fitted with our patented Hot Nose the target can provide a forward- and side-looking IR source with output in Bands I, II and III.  Its jet engines provide a realistic rearward-looking IR signature.

The well-proven augmentation devices available to Banshee UAV-T can be fitted to this latest twin jet engine derivative.

Banshee Jet 80 - Click to download

Banshee Jet 40 - Click to download

Jet 80+ Banshee - Click to download