Badger™ UGV-T

Badger™ UGV-T

This remotely-controlled, lightly armoured, teleoperated, all-terrain vehicle exercises and helps evaluate anti-tank missiles, anti-tank gun systems and artillery-fired projectiles.  Teleoperation control provides the flexibility to simulate a wide variety of battlefield scenarios.   Badgercan be equipped with silhouette targets to simulate realistic tank targets.

The Badger UGV-T can reach speeds of over 40 km per hour and teleoperates at ranges up to 10 km. Our unique control system allows it to manoeuvre easily at night.  Light armour protects it from sub-calibre weapons and small arms fire.

Its control station is designed to operate up to eight targets individually and can be expanded easily to allow simultaneous control of up to four by simply adding command modules. 

The Badger UGV-T is transported easily for rapid deployment at ranges worldwide.

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