KEC MK4 catapult launcher

KEC MK4 catapult launcher

In continuous production for nearly 30 years, and with over 100 in-service, this is QinetiQ’s most common catapult launcher.  It is used to launch air vehicles weighing up to 100 kg at speeds exceeding 30 metres per second.

The launcher’s rail has an operating length of 13 metres. Constructed of welded, box section mild steel, the rail is made in three sections joined together by hinges, allowing it to be folded for unobstructed road, air or sea transport.   The complete launcher can be transported in a standard 20-foot ISO shipping container or a cargo Boeing 747, Lockheed C130 or similar aircraft.

The launch rail is usually positioned on the top of a trailer unit and is attached at one end of the trailer body by a pivot mechanism. At the opposite end the launcher is attached by a pair of hydraulic rams that are extended with a manually-operated hydraulic pump. These rams are used to elevate the rail to its 20O operating angle.

The KEC Mk4 launcher can be used as a free-standing unit or fitted to a four-ton truck or similar.

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