Hammerhead™ USV-T

Hammerhead™ USV-T

A cost-effective kill target replicating FIAC and the multi-vehicle swarm threat.  Multiple standard payload options enhance training scenarios.  

Powered by a 3.0 L four-cylinder inboard gas engine delivering 135 HP, it can reach speeds greater than 40 knots in sea state 1, up to 35 knots in sea state 3 and 25 knots in sea state 5. Depending on operation speeds, the Hammerhead USV-T can operate for 10 hours at a constant speed of 25 knots before requiring refuelling, lasting for over 24 hours at lower speeds. 

The custom-made hull is strengthened by award-winning advanced composites and features a surface-effect design for greater manoeuvrability and performance at high speeds. 

The Hammerhead USV-T operated by QinetiQ’s UTCS, is a STANAG 4586-compliant control station using a single data half-duplex frequency to communicate with and control up to 40 vehicles simultaneously. 

The Hammerhead USV-T can use pre-programmed operational scenarios or be controlled manually. 

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